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WiFi Password Hacker Prank


Wi-Fi Password hacker prank is an awesome app that actually gives you an impression to hack the Wi-Fi of your friend or neighbor. This Wi-Fi hacker prank app creates the illusion that it can actually enter into secured wireless networks that are protected with WEP, AES or WPA2 encryption. This app don’t actually break the networkpasswords but pretend as a real hacking. You can impress your friends by faking that you are a real genius and you can steal their networks.HOW IT WORKS :
Wi-Fi simulator has a scanner at the startup of app. It shows the list of Available networks. You have to select any network whom you want to steal.After selecting a network the magic begins. The animation looks like realand enough to impress your friends and make them fool. When the animation stops a dummy Password appears in a dialogue box. You can copy this password to clipboard and pastelater.Remember this is a prank app and hacking and breaking into someones Wi-Fi network Is illegal.If you like this Wi-Fi Master Key, rate us and please write a review of few lines. You can also give us feedback and it will be highly appreciated.Enjoy Wi-Fi Password simulator. Thanks!!!